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FA500 : Poly Tubing Adaptor (female)

Details: Versatile and adaptable the FA500 series fits a wide range of poly tubing sizes from 1/8" to 1/2", and comes in both 3/4" pipe or hose thread configurations. BSP is also available.

MA600 : Poly Tubing Adaptor (male)

Details: The Male version; available in male hose thread only, fits tubing 1/4" to 1/2".

SC90 : 20 Mesh Inlet Screen

Details: 1.4 sq. inch of filtration, fits standard 1/2" sch80 nipple.

Riser Tubing Adaptor (Female)

7000 Screen

Details: Filter surface area is 6.0 sq. in. (38.7 cm2) n Screen is 150 mesh/100 micron n Inlet 1" NPT or BSP n Outlet 1" NPT or BSP n Overall length 4.4" n Width 2.9" n Operating Pressure 0-160 psi (0-1104) kPA

Landscape Drip Manifold

Details: The new 7000 Screen and PR7000 Regulator from Hendrickson Bros. combine a high-flow regulator with a state-of-the-art filter and can be paired with any valve. It's the ultimate in convenience and reliability. The screen and regulator are easy to install, easy to maintain, and offer many outstanding benefits.

  • The 150 mesh stainless steel screen filter prevents contamination of both valves and emitters and the filter is easily accessed for cleaning through the top cap.
  • The pressure regulator can be changed by simply removing the top cap and changing the spring.
  • The regulator has an adjustable flow of 1 to 35 GPM.
  • 1" NPT or 1" BSP Threads
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CV Check Valve 1/2"

cv check valve

Details: This is your number one tool to remedy low head drainage.On most landscape situations there are areas that are lower than the sprinkler valve. When the sprinklers or drip quit running then the water pools at the low spots. The CV is designed to screw on underneath the sprinkler and it is preset to hold back 11 feet of water. Thus stopping the water in the low spots, sidewalks and other areas.

  • Inlet 1/2 FPT
  • Outlet 1/2 MPT
  • Length 21/8”
  • Check preset at 11ft.
  • Pressure Range 17 to 100 PSI
  • Valve opens at 17 PSI
  • Valve closes at 11 PSI
  • Click Here for the Specifications - English
  • Please contact our office for Specifications in Spanish